Why You Should Never Cut Keys on Your Own

There are plenty of those self-serve key cutting kiosks at grocery stores, hardware stores and elsewhere. While this is an easy and convenient way of making spare keys for your home or car, they come at a cost. Key cutting is more difficult than it would appear. It requires specific tools, knowledge and expertise. DIY […]

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Should You Choose DIY or Professional Knife Sharpening Services?

You might assume that knife sharpening is a simple thing. Just swipe it across a metal rod or a whetstone a few times, and you’re done. While this might work for an already-sharp blade that just needs a refresher for precision work, it’s not going to work for a dull blade. Here are the advantages […]

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How Long Should a Chainsaw Blade Stay Sharp?

For chainsaw owners, you wonder if you should replace the blade and, if so, how often this should be done. Chainsaw blades don’t have a set time when they need to be replaced, but doing so when it’s needed can improve the chainsaw’s performance and safety. After all, you want your chainsaw to last for […]

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How Glass Cutters Work


If you’re working on a project that requires a glass cutting service or a mirror cutting service, you may wonder exactly how glass cutters do what they do. Perhaps you are considering using a glass cutter yourself and want some insight into these tools. Here’s the scoop. Cutting glass isn’t really cutting glass When you […]

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What You Should Know About Key Cutting


Key duplication is one of our top services at Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. Our key cutting service experts make thousands of duplicates throughout the year for our satisfied customers. However, we’ve found that some people don’t know much about key cutting itself, especially when it comes to DIY key cutting. We’re here to provide […]

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