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Deter Pests and Nourish Plants

If you are someone who enjoys gardening, you probably already know how quickly pests can ruin your hard work. It is important to include some garden planting tips so you can be prepared in knowing what to do and how to prevent pests from damaging your garden. Common Garden Pests Aphids – These are extremely […]

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The Best Soil to Use for a Raised Garden Bed

Are you looking for the best garden bed soil? Before deciding which one to use, consider things like the plants you want to grow. You may need something that’s weed-free, nutrient-rich, and can still hold on to moisture while allowing air circulation. Remember that the type of soil you use for your garden bed can […]

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How to Re-Energize My Garden Bed for New Planting

Whether you are an avid gardener or a first-timer, you’ve likely heard about the merits of using a raised bed garden for planting. Benefits offered by a raised garden bed include fewer weeds because you are better able to control the environment the plants grow in, warmer soil for a longer season, more space for […]

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