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How To Choose The Right  Skill Saw Blade For Your Project

How To Choose The Right Skill Saw Blade For Your Project Whether you are cutting wood, metal or any other type of material, it is important to choose the right skill saw blade for your project. A poor selection of blade can result in a bad cut, tear-outs and waste of work materials. Material Saw blades […]

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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter in Seattle

Seattle can be a great place to live as there is a good economy, many local recreational activities to enjoy and stay active, and generally reasonable weather. One time of the year that you can experience more cold weather which could put a strain on your home is the winter. While winters here are milder than […]

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How Long Should a Chainsaw Blade Stay Sharp?

For chainsaw owners, you wonder if you should replace the blade and, if so, how often this should be done. Chainsaw blades don’t have a set time when they need to be replaced, but doing so when it’s needed can improve the chainsaw’s performance and safety. After all, you want your chainsaw to last for […]

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