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How To Choose The Right  Skill Saw Blade For Your Project

How To Choose The Right Skill Saw Blade For Your Project Whether you are cutting wood, metal or any other type of material, it is important to choose the right skill saw blade for your project. A poor selection of blade can result in a bad cut, tear-outs and waste of work materials. Material Saw blades […]

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How Much Can You Save with Energy-Efficient Windows?

The U.S. Department of Energy says that Seattle, WA homeowners who install energy efficient windows save an average of 12 percent on utility costs. That translates to saving roughly $125 to $465 dollars per year by replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient dual-pane windows. Even if you already have dual-pane windows, you can still save up […]

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How to Pick a Good General Contractor in Seattle, WA

Late spring, summer and early fall are the most popular times of year for people to get home improvement jobs done. It’s not hard to understand why—the weather is nice, so the days are longer for workers to come in and put in plenty of hours on the job, if outdoor work is required. And […]

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