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Lumber Mill History

Lumber Mill History The emergence of lumber mills in the 1830s marked an important milestone in American history. It was a major driver of Manifest Destiny, the migration of settlers westward. Port Gamble In 1853, three New England businessmen from Maine spotted the sandy spit at the mouth of Gamble Bay as an ideal location […]

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The History Of Lumber

The History Of Lumber As a staple of American culture, lumber has shaped our economy for centuries. It has provided the raw materials for housing, firewood and much more. The Early Years The first commercial lumber companies opened in the mid-1840s in Minnesota. Timber lands in the northwoods were abundant and ripe for harvesting, and […]

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Why Are Lumber Prices So High?

If you’ve gone to your local Seattle hardware store or lumber yard recently to shop for wood, you’ve probably noticed lumber prices are way higher right now than they typically are. What exactly has caused this price surge, and when can we expect prices to go back down? Here’s a look at what you should […]

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