An October Home Maintenance Checklist

Between shopping for Halloween costumes and stocking up on trick-or-treat candy, it’s important to make some time for home maintenance to prepare for fall and winter weather. There are lots of things homeowners should do during the month of October to keep their homes protected from falling temperatures and winter storms. Keep reading for an […]

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How You Can Keep Your Garden Tools in Great Shape for a Lifetime

If you take proper care of your garden tools, you could potentially make them last for a lifetime. Garden tools, especially hand tools, can easily last for decades—so long as you stay on top of preventative maintenance and store them properly when they’re not in use. With the end of the gardening season fast approaching, […]

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Summer DIY Projects for Kids: How to Build a Lemonade Stand

Nothing says childhood summertime quite like a lemonade stand. While your kids could certainly just set up a folding table on the sidewalk, we think building one from scratch is a better option. A homemade lemonade stand is more likely to attract customers, and it can be a fun family project. But where should you […]

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