An October Home Maintenance Checklist

Between shopping for Halloween costumes and stocking up on trick-or-treat candy, it’s important to make some time for home maintenance to prepare for fall and winter weather. There are lots of things homeowners should do during the month of October to keep their homes protected from falling temperatures and winter storms. Keep reading for an October home maintenance checklist, including everything from insulation repairs to deck refinishing, to make sure you’re ready for whatever the fall and winter have in store.

Fall home maintenance checklist

Here are some of the most important home maintenance tasks to put on your October home checklist this season:

  • Change out batteries: Instead of dealing with malfunctioning devices with dead batteries all season, take the time to go around and change batteries in all the devices and detectors in your home that use them. During the winter months, the risk of house fires increases due to the use of furnaces and fireplaces, so make sure to replace the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms so you’ll be prepared in case of an emergency.
  • Inspect insulation and weather stripping: During the fall and winter months, dipping temperatures and increased precipitation can be big problems for homes that don’t have sufficient insulation or weather stripping. Inspect insulation and weather stripping to check for signs of damage or weaknesses that should be repaired to prevent drafts and reduce the risk of water damage.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to tanks: A lot of people don’t realize that fuel doesn’t last forever, but the reality is that fuel can deteriorate and degrade after months of storage. To keep the fuel you have on hand in good condition through the fall and winter, add fuel stabilizer to lawn mowers, gas cans and any other tanks or storage containers that have fuel in them.
  • Consider refinishing wood decks: Wood decks are typically coated with a protective finish to guard against damage from extreme weather conditions, but this finishing layer naturally wears out over time. Refinishing wood decks before the fall and winter months is the best way to protect them against water damage and keep them looking their best when spring rolls around again. What’s more, deck refinishing can boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.
  • Maintain furnaces: After months without use, furnaces must be maintained to get them working reliably during the winter months. Before the winter rolls around, replace furnace filters, check for damage and clean vents to make sure your heating system will be working as reliably and efficiently as possible during the colder months.

Lumber, hardware and home improvement products

At Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co., we know how important it is to invest some time and effort into home maintenance in the fall, and we are here to provide our customers with the highest quality home improvement products available. Whether you’re planning on taking on a deck refinishing project or you need some fuel stabilizer to guard against deterioration of fuel during the winter months, we’re here to help you find the products you need.