Summer DIY Projects for Kids: How to Build a Life-Sized Yard Yahtzee Game

Unless you send them to summer camp, keeping the kids occupied for the whole summer can be a challenge for parents. Although your children might be content playing video games all summer long, we think everyone should be outside getting some fresh air.

One of the best ways to enjoy time out in the yard with your kids is by playing a life-sized board game. While there are plenty of family-friendly games to choose from, it’s tough to top Yahtzee.

Instead of buying a pre-made Yahtzee set online, we recommend making your own because it’s relatively easy and much cheaper than you might think. Continue reading to learn how to build a yard Yahtzee game.

Pick your wood and make your cuts

The choice of wood for the five dice is up to you, but we recommend cedar or Douglas fir to ensure the dice last all summer long. Regardless of your wood, use a circular saw to cut the 4-foot-by-4-foot lumber into five squares roughly 3 ½ inches in size.

If you don’t have a circular saw at home, the hardware store may be willing to cut your lumber for you.


The last thing you want is to get a splinter while playing Yahtzee! Sand each side of all five dice using an electric sander or by hand with 150-grit sandpaper. The dice don’t need to be perfect—just smooth enough to eliminate the chance of getting a splinter.

Wood-burn the dots

The next step in how to build a yard Yahtzee game is making the dots on each side of the five dice. This can be done using paint and a sponge or with a wood burner. For all the perfectionists, there are plenty of downloadable templates online that can serve as an outline for your dots.


Sealing your dice isn’t absolutely necessary, but a protective seal can safeguard the dice from the elements and ensure the game lasts longer. If you have the time, we recommend staining your dice before sealing them to give your set a unique look.

Create a scoreboard

Sure, you could write scores down on the piece of paper used for a traditional Yahtzee game, but that’s no fun! Instead, take a blackboard and write the names and scores down using chalk. You can use a chalk marker or acrylic paint to make a permanent scoring grid to avoid making a new grid for each game.

Buy your bucket

The last step is picking out a bucket to play Yahtzee. A 5-gallon plastic bucket will work just perfectly to hold the dice. If you want, you can paint the bucket to make it more attractive.

Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. has everything you need!

Don’t run all over town looking for materials to build your new game—we’ve got everything you need to complete this project. Stop by Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. today to buy your lumber or to speak with our staff members about how to build a yard Yahtzee game.

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