Eight Simple DIY Home Improvement Project Ideas That You Can Create with Lumber in Seattle

If you have been a do-it-yourselfer your whole life, you might be running out of new ideas for things to tinker with lately. Here are a few unique items that can be created with only a few pieces of lumber in Seattle that will give you something new to work on, while also being useful around the house:

  • Sawhorse: The one thing that every true DIY-er needs is a durable sawhorse to complete the sawing and cutting portions of their projects. You can easily construct one at home with lumber from your local hardware store, and save money in the process.
  • Clothes rack: If your closet is constantly stuffed with clothes, you will need to find a permanent storage solution for your overflow. Instead of purchasing an expensive clothes rack, you can make one for yourself using only a few pieces of affordable lumber.
  • Drink coasters: In order to preserve the condition of your tables, coasters are a must-have. You can easily cut one piece of lumber into several small square shapes, and you will have coasters that you can paint designs on and use throughout your home.
  • Organization tray: Keeping everything in your home organized can be difficult without proper storage. Using only a few pieces of lumber, you can create a small rectangle or square shaped organization drawer, equipped with dividers on the inside. This tray can be used for the organization of cutlery in the kitchen, or to keep supplies separated and easy to reach in a home office.
  • Coat rack: With colder temperatures moving in, finding space to store heavy winter coats becomes important, especially if you entertain guests frequently. By mounting just one piece of lumber to the wall and adding equally spaced coat hooks, you will have a coat rack with plenty of space to hold several bulky coats.
  • Bookshelves and bookends: If you are an avid reader and pride yourself on the variety of books you have come to own over the years, why not create a beautiful wooden home for your collection? Using wide pieces of lumber, you can create the perfect shelves for all of your books, and you can even use small, thick pieces of wood as bookends.
  • Planters: If you would like to spice up the décor of your home with some fresh plants, you can build a wooden planter of any size to fit as many plants as you need. You can even add some rope to the assembly and hang your planters all over your house to enrich the aesthetic even more.
  • Pet condo: While you are forging your way through your lumber DIY projects that improve the efficiency of your home, don’t forget about your pets. You can take lumber to create any kind of design you can think of, and simply add padding or carpeting to create a comfy, well-built condo for your small pets.

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