Five Deck Staining Tips from a Lumber Yard in Seattle

Deck staining can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your deck, but one mistake can turn your staining project into an eyesore. Thankfully, by choosing the right product, mastering your technique and taking your time during the deck staining process, you can create a final result that you love. If you aren’t particularly proficient at do-it-yourself projects, it’s always a good idea to speak with home improvement experts who can recommend products and advise you on techniques. You can find such help from the staff at a hardware store or lumber yard in Seattle.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect stain for your deck:

  • Choose the right stain: The best stain for a deck should include a high-quality product. Do your research and choose a high-quality brand that has a good reputation. You should also think about the shade and type of stain that you would like to have for your deck. Take into account the type of wood your deck is built from and the specific look that you are aiming for when making your decision. It’s helpful to look at samples of different types of stains to get an idea of how they would look on your deck.
  • Prepare your deck surface: Before you begin to apply your stain of choice, make sure that your deck is completely clear of debris and swept off. It also helps to check the weather forecast and make sure that there isn’t any rain headed your way, which could damage your stain. On the same note, your deck should be completely dry before you apply the stain.
  • Make a plan: The last thing you want after spending the afternoon applying a stain is to realize that you have worked yourself into a corner with no way to escape without stepping on your newly stained deck. Make a plan for easy entry and exit onto your deck during your project and make sure that nobody will be using your deck while the stain dries.
  • Protect surrounding surfaces: Use painters tape to protect your home’s siding from the stain that you are using. This will keep your edges clean and prevent the exterior walls of your home from being affected by the stain you choose to use for your deck.
  • Take your time: The perfect stain requires patience. You should never rush a deck staining project, since you will likely not be entirely happy with the result. Focus on the proper technique and take your time and you are certain to be completely happy with your newly stained deck.

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