Five Reasons Why You Should Use Cedar Lumber for Your Garden Beds

Wondering how you can inject some interest into your home’s landscaping? Whether you have a green thumb or not, adding cedar garden beds is an easy landscaping update that instantly boosts the appearance of your whole yard. If you’re looking to enhance your landscaping in Seattle, WA, read on to see why cedar is the smart choice for your garden beds.

Cedar is durable

Since your planter boxes are exposed to the elements of nature, the wood you choose to make these boxes needs to be durable. Even though cedar is lightweight compared to other woods, it’s also very durable. It’s naturally bacterial and fungal resistant, and it contains natural oils that preserve the wood even in a humid climate like that of Seattle, WA. If you want to extend the life of your planter boxes even further, apply a coat of sealant or stain to protect the wood for years to come.

Cedar has a pleasant scent

Wood from the cedar tree has been prized for millennia not only for its durability, but also for its pleasant, earthy scent. It’s why many homeowners use cedar mulch to spruce up flowerbeds or cedar lumber to create attractive retaining walls. Use cedar for your garden boxes so you and your visitors can enjoy the lovely aroma as you walk about your garden.

Cedar keeps bugs away

Love having a garden, but hate the bugs that sometimes come to visit? Use cedar for your garden beds to keep pesky insects away. They don’t share the fondness for the smell of cedar that humans have. Since insects generally stay away from cedar, your prized plants in your garden beds won’t become their next snack.

Cedar boosts your home’s overall curb appeal

The wood of the cedar tree is unmistakably beautiful. Western red cedar, in particular, has a striking red color that really stands out against lush, green plant life. There are also plenty of other color options to choose from, including white, brown, pink and more. When you’re constructing your cedar garden beds, you always have the option to stain it in the shade of your choice. Don’t worry if you want to leave the wood raw—it weathers to an attractive silvery color that looks great in any garden.

Cedar helps your plants grow

Cedar planter boxes actually improve the health of the plants you put in them. Since this wood is thermal coefficient, it stays cool even on the hottest of days. It insulates the roots of your plants, allowing them to keep absorbing water to feed the rest of the plant. The result is healthier, happier plants.

You can have your home in tip-top shape, but if you’ve neglected your landscaping, your curb appeal inevitably suffers. If you’re a homeowner in Seattle, WA, cedar garden beds can instantly help your landscaping, and your property as a whole, to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Contact Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. to find the best wood for your gardening project.

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