From Grubs to Moles: Important Lawn Maintenance Tips for Homeowners to Keep the Pests Away

The warmer weather is finally arriving, and summer is close behind! With that warmer weather comes a return of some of the pests you will want to keep away from your property.

At our ACE Hardware location, we have plenty of supplies in stock to help you fight everything from grubs to moles in Seattle. Take a proactive position against pests and use some of these products to prevent them from damaging your landscaping or your home.
Here’s a quick overview of some examples of the pest control products we have in stock for you:

  • Victor rodent traps: When it comes to rodent traps, there are few brands that have the longevity and reputation that Victor enjoys. These classic wooden mousetraps are simple to set and operate and are reliable for catching mice and rats. You can use a variety of types of bait—peanut butter tends to be a favorite, and a particularly effective one. If you’ve noticed signs of rodents on your property, such as droppings or bite marks, place these traps in those areas and wait to see what happens.
  • Terro fruit fly traps: Fruit flies tend to gather around garbage. If you know you have an area on your property that is particularly prone to fruit flies, set out a few of these fruit fly traps in accordance with the instructions on the packaging, and you’ll find them to be highly reliable at catching fruit flies and preventing them from spreading to other areas.
  • Terro liquid ant baits: Terro also makes an outstanding ant trap product. The arrival of summer means the return of ants, and ants will travel a long way if they know there is going to be a reliable food source. Rest assured, if you leave out food or spills, ants will find them, and they will keep coming back to that location. However, liquid ant traps feature a sweet liquid that attracts ants and gives them enough time to make several trips back to the colony with the poisonous bait. The result is an ant trap that is capable of taking out entire colonies that might otherwise infest your home.
  • Bayer Advanced fruit, citrus and vegetable insect control: If you’re an avid gardener who likes to grow fruits and vegetables, this is a must-have product. It will provide reliable protection without having to spray pesticides, and protects your crops against aphids, whiteflies and Asian citrus psyllids. A single bottle will treat up to 650 square feet of vegetables or nine fruit trees.
  • Sluggo: Have problems with snails and slugs on your property? Sluggo is a great preventative product that will keep them away, and is completely safe to use around pets and other wildlife.
  • Hi-Yield Kill-A-Bug: These lawn granules can be spread out on your green spaces to kill insects and fire ants that might otherwise start to infest your lawn and invade your home.

For more information about some of our pest control options that can help with everything from grubs to moles in Seattle, contact or visit Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. today.

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