How to Choose the Right Ladder for the Job in Seattle

Wondering how to choose the right ladder for the job? If so, you have come to the right place.

As lumber and hardware professionals, we know about all the different options when it comes to how to choose the right ladder for the job. But some people may think that “a ladder is a ladder”—this is definitely not true!

Picking the right ladder over the wrong one can make a world of difference in terms of ease, convenience, effectiveness and, most importantly, safety. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right ladder for the job in Seattle.


The first thing to consider when picking a ladder for a particular job is style. Ladders come in five basic types: step ladders, single pole ladders, extension ladders, dual purpose ladders and platform or podium ladders.

A step ladder is good for when you just need to briefly get a few feet off the ground. Extension ladders are useful because they are adjustable in length. Single pole ladders are the most stable option, while dual purpose ladders offer the convenience of having both types in one. Finally, platform ladders allow you to stand on top of them for an extended period of time.

Once you know which style of ladder is best for your purposes, it is time to consider weight and height requirements.


Will you be installing a ceiling fan, basketball hoop or garage door opener while using this ladder? If so, you will need it to carry significantly more weight than if you were just using a hammer and a couple nails.

Of course, your own weight should also come into play. Some folks can get away with using a lightweight, simple ladder, while others will feel more comfortable on ladders that are more sturdy.

One of the most important factors when considering how to choose the right ladder for the job is this: make sure you know how much weight your ladder can support before using it.


Height is another important thing to think about when picking a ladder for a particular job. After all, the whole point of using a ladder is getting up to spaces you wouldn’t be able to reach by yourself—so of course you should know how high your ladder can safety reach.

If you do need to get quite a ways off the ground, then an extension ladder is probably your best bet. Make sure you pick one that is at least seven to 10 feet taller than the highest point you need to reach, to ensure your own safety.


Finally, you will need to consider which ladder material will be best for you. The most important consideration when it comes to ladder material is this: will you be near any power lines or other electrical wires? If so, you may want to avoid certain metals in your ladder choice.

Now that you know the four important factors in regards to how to choose the right ladder for the job in Seattle, you should be ready to tackle your next big project. Visit Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. to learn more!

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