How To Prep Your Home for Seattle’s Worst Winter Weather

Winterization is important regardless of where you live if temperatures turn colder during the winter months. In places like the Great Northwest, however, winterization takes on an even greater importance. That is also why tips on Seattle winter preparation are worth heeding, or else, freezing.

Seattle Winter Preparation Tips

From Seattle and throughout the beautiful state of Washington, winters are a sight to behold. And they are also something that we must prepare for because winters in the Great Northwest are anything but typical.

We have all heard about rain in Seattle. In fact, the city is renowned for its always raining in Seattle moniker. While that isn’t actually true, literally speaking, the state of Washington does get its fair share of precipitation. In large part, that is due to that amazing and massive body of water known as the Pacific Ocean. 

That precipitation in those colder months also equates to more ice, more snow, and more inclement weather compared to most other parts of the US. For the residents of Washington and Seattle, though, this is simply business as usual, and that means preparation too.


Now is the time to ensure the insulation in your home is up to speed and ready to perform when it is called upon. During those coldest months, your insulation and the quality of your insulation will influence the amount you spend on keeping comfortable, the number of drafts in your home, and help to keep the cold out. Insulation will also help to protect susceptible areas, such as door frames and window frames, from unnecessary wear and damage resulting from moisture and extreme cold.

Door, Windows, and Drafts

Speaking of doors, windows, and those aforementioned drafts, it is also important to address any issues with seals, frames, and areas that have drafts. These steps will also help to prevent future damage to your home. 

Outside the Home

The ice, snow, and winds of winter can play havoc on trees and threaten to topple weakened trees or smaller limbs and branches. Yes, if those trees are close to your home, that can present a potential problem. Trimming away or cutting down dead or dying trees near your home is a good way to prevent winter from damaging trees that can harm your home.

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