How to Protect Your Home from Mold—and What to Do If You Find It: Tips from Home Improvement Stores in Seattle

A small amount of mold in your home can quickly become a major problem. Mold spores spread quickly and easily, and cannot be completely removed. The problems become even worse when that mold is located on the backside of your drywall, around pipes and in your flooring. Not only does it cause structural weakness, but it also produces allergens that could lead to health problems. Here are a few ways you can prevent mold problems from arising in your home:

  • Find and correct any problem areas immediately: It is best to take a proactive approach to mold prevention. Do a thorough analysis of your home and determine which areas have the most moisture. Does one part of your basement tend to flood? Do you regularly see condensation on your windows? Do you notice any water stains on your ceilings or drywall? These are areas that you should focus on when making your home mold resistant.
  • Always dry up wet areas: If you see wet areas in your home, dry them up immediately. If your home flooded, get rid of all water-damaged carpets, bedding and furniture right away if you cannot completely dry them out. If water seeps into your basement, dry it out quickly.
  • Have proper ventilation: All of your bathrooms and kitchen should have ventilation fans to prevent moisture from building up. Opening a window while showering or cooking can also be a big help. Use dehumidifiers in areas of your home that have a lot of moisture and humidity.
  • Keep water away with landscaping: Direct water so it runs away from your home as much as you can. Have all of your downspouts run a certain distance away from your home, and if necessary, do some landscaping to slope the ground away from your foundation.
  • Get a moisture meter: Monitoring the humidity levels inside your home can help you keep humidity between the EPA-recommended 30 and 60 percent, but you need a moisture meter to get these measurements. You can pick one up from any hardware or home improvement stores in Seattle.

What to do if you see mold in your home

If you find mold in your home, it is important to take immediate action. First, have your home tested by a trained and licensed professional mold tester. Do not just assume that the problem only extends to what you can see. A tester will help you determine how bad the problem is, what is causing that problem and the steps you need to take to remove it.

Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, mold removal might be covered. If so, make a claim on your policy and hire a mold removal company to come in and get the job done. Make sure you get a variety of quotes and check the reputations of all potential contractors. Once the mold has been removed from your home, stay proactive about mold prevention moving forward.

For more information about preventing and removing mold in your home, contact us today at our hardware store in Seattle.

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