Is Upgrading Your Home’s Insulation Going to Save You Money?

Just about all homeowners are searching for effective ways to contribute to home energy reduction. You might have heard that upgrading your home insulation could help save you money. Is it true? Here’s the answer to that question and some information about insulation in general. 

What Does Upgrading Insulation Mean? 

Insulation sits in several areas within the home. It’s underneath the floors, in between the doors, around the windows, etc. Upgrading your insulation could mean several things. It could refer to having a professional come to your home and inspect all areas for cracks, wear, and missing parts.

The expert could simply replace the areas where the issues lie. Alternatively, he or she can upgrade it by doubling the layers or changing the materials to something more innovative and effective. For example, foam insulation is the most effective for keeping winter air out of the home. Cellulose is a good choice if you want to use eco-friendly materials, and it is highly cost-effective. 

How Does Upgrading the Insulation Save Money?

Upgrading your insulation saves you money by keeping the warm or cold air in your home where it belongs. It also keeps unwanted air from getting into your home. When that happens, your heating and cooling system does not have to work as long or as hard.

So, if your thermostat is set to 65 degrees, the heating system will cut off at that temperature and stay off because your insulation helps maintain the temperature. The less work your HVAC system has to do, the lower your heating bill will be. Theoretically, you can save money on your energy costs just by making some changes to your insulation. 

How Much Can You Save by Upgrading the Home’s Insulation?

The amount of money you can save each month will depend on several factors. One factor is the price your electric company charges. Another factor is the size of your home. You’ll save more if you have a one-story home than two floors.

The savings will also depend on your HVAC system’s condition. You should keep it well maintained to ensure you get maximum productivity from it. 

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you might be able to save 15 to 20 percent on your energy bill by adding insulation in specific areas. 

Who Should You Call to Upgrade the Insulation? 

It’s always beneficial to contact experts in the field where you’re trying to improve something. Thus, you should get a contractor who specializes in HVAC matters, such as maintenance. 

You will likely have questions for the specialists when you call. Ensure that you ask for credentials and information about scheduling regular inspections. Typically, you should schedule maintenance once every year at the same time. The contractor may have some other ideas for inspection frequency, however. 

Now you know why making a few changes to your insulation can help save you money. Consult with a professional about the best materials to use, and you can start cashing in on those savings immediately.