Keep Your Lawn Looking Great This Summer with Tips from Ace Hardware in Seattle!

Summer heat and a lack of moisture can take a toll on even the lushest grass and gardens. All of that hard work you put into caring for your lawn during the spring is all for naught when the sun’s intense rays begin to beat down on your grass. Luckily, ensuring your lawn stays happy and healthy isn’t all that difficult with a little help from your local Ace Hardware in Seattle. Continue reading to learn how you can easily keep your property looking its best all season long.

Know when to water

One of the best ways to keep your yard green is to ensure it has enough water. So, on days that we don’t get rain during the summer, watering your lawn may be necessary. It’s important to note that some times of day are better to water than others. Try to water your grass before 10:00 a.m. to help guarantee that the soil will absorb as much moisture as possible. Be sure to avoid watering your grass and the plants in your garden later in the evening. Watering after the sun goes down is a surefire way to encourage mildew growth and disease.

Also, if your hoses or sprinkler heads are old, it could be time to replace them. Come on down to our store and check out our vast selection of hoses and sprinkler heads. We have tons of options to meet your budget and yard size.

Don’t over-mow

Homeowners who take pride in their lawn probably cut their grass on a fairly regular basis. After all, this ensures it keeps its neat appearance all summer long. However, mowing your grass too often or cutting it too short does more harm than good. Grass that’s too short won’t grow properly and will die sooner than grass that is are mowed properly. Experts say that only about a third of each blade should be clipped when you mow.

Keep blades sharp

When you do cut your grass, make sure your lawnmower blades are sharp and fresh. Cutting with a dull blade doesn’t leave a clean edge on the grass, which may lead to disease. Don’t have a blade sharpener at home? That’s okay—come by our store anytime to have your blades sharpened and looking as good as new.

Look out for pests

Summer is a feeding frenzy for all sorts of pests in your lawn and garden. Make sure they don’t kill off your vegetation by keeping a watchful eye out for them! Since they’re so small, you may not spot them outright, but you will notice signs that they’ve been feeding on your plants. Bite marks and holes on leaves are definite signs that you have an infestation and you need to lay down pesticides.

The problem with pesticides, though, is that there are a ton of different ones to choose from. The next time you’re perusing our store, just ask for help. One of our lawn care experts can point you in the right direction.

The longer you wait to visit your local Ace Hardware in Seattle for supplies, the worse off your lawn could be. Stop in to Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. today to pick up everything you need to take care of your grass and garden this season.

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