The Benefits of Using Composite Building Materials in Seattle for Your Deck Project

The great part about being a homeowner is that you get to make home improvements when you want and how you want—no need to ask the landlord if it’s okay for you to paint a room a different color. But let’s look at a bigger change: a home add-on. When you own your home, you can build that back deck you’ve always wanted for hosting weekend parties and relaxing evenings. Now you get to research deck styles and lumber—or might composite decking be a better match for you?

Check out the following benefits of using composite building materials in Seattle for your deck project.

Low maintenance

As far as maintenance is concerned, composite decking is incredibly easy to care for, especially when you compare it to traditional lumber. No more sanding and painting to keep a smooth, fresh looking surface, and no need to re-stain it every few years to keep splinters and cracks from forming. Your composite deck building materials in Seattle will stay beautiful for decades when washed occasionally with a cleaning solution made of a gentle soap and warm water. Sweep often to keep debris accumulation to a minimum.


Your deck will be exposed to all sorts of natural hazards in its lifetime—like rain, snow, hail, sun, wildlife and insects—as well as wear and tear from heavy-footed kids and rambunctious pets. Good thing composite decking is designed for the utmost durability. And unlike wood, composite won’t warp or crack, and it’s also fade, scratch and stain resistant. All of this means your family will have a raised outdoor living spot to enjoy that’s safe to move around on without much worry.

Resistant to pests, mold and rot

Since wood is a natural material, it must first be pressure treated with chemicals, like pesticides, to make it less appealing to pests, because untreated lumber is susceptible to insect infestation. It’s also needed to prevent wood from deteriorating. While the act of treating standard wood decking does deter bugs and such, it can unfortunately be dangerous to children and pets should they happen to ingest it. Composite deck building materials in Seattle are manufactured to be naturally resistant to insect problems, mold and decay without the need for toxic chemicals.


If you like the idea of composite decking material but want the look of real wood at the same time, then you’re in luck. Manufacturers are constantly modifying the physical composition and appearance of composite to be more realistic, and therefore more appealing to homeowners. Many offer a product with natural looking wood grain patterns and color options much like that of lumber—earth tones, shades of red, an aged gray, even boards resembling exotic hardwoods. A huge plus is that you can add on to your composite deck with composite accessories, like stairways, gates and railings.

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