The Best Lumber to Use to Build a Tree House

Building a tree house for your kids gives them a place to disconnect from TV and video games and use their imagination to come up with fantastic adventures with their friends. But before you set to work building it, you’ll need to pick the best lumber to use to build a tree house in Seattle. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right wood for your tree house project:

  • Framing: You may be tempted to purchase a beautiful hardwood for your tree house’s frame, but that’s unnecessary. Using heavy hardwood for framing will put undue stress on the tree and could make it collapse. Instead, purchase basic construction lumber that’s used for framing real homes. This lightweight wood works perfectly for the frame, and better yet, it will fit your budget.
  • Walls: The walls are where you can start to get creative with your project. If the tree house is all about function and not about style, exterior plywood will work just fine. Plywood is durable and easy to cut, but it doesn’t look all that great. We recommend going the extra mile and using western cedar, eastern red cedar or cypress. These woods all look great and are naturally rot resistant.
  • Floor: Whether you have boys or girls, the floors of the tree house are going to take a beating, so you definitely don’t want to skimp on the quality of wood you’re using. Just like with your home, we advise using hardwood for the floors. Oak or black locust are great choices because they’re rot and insect resistant.

Reasons to use high-quality lumber

A tree house could technically be built out of any scrap wood you find lying around. Using the wrong wood is a huge mistake, though. These are a few hazards of using low-quality or scrap wood:

  • Safety: First and foremost, going cheap with the materials for your tree house can put your little ones in danger. Low-quality wood is more likely to collapse, especially if it begins to rot. Follow our advice regarding the best lumber to use to build a tree house in Seattle, and your kids will be safe and sound.
  • Durability: Ensure your tree house lasts for as long as possible by using the highest-quality lumber for the project! Opting for cheap wood means your tree house may only last for a few years before it starts to degrade and become unusable.
  • Appearance: Depending on where it’s located, the tree house may be a focal point of your backyard, so you’ll want to ensure it looks as good as possible by using high-quality woods for the exterior. Additionally, be sure to pick up some stains to protect the wood and further enhance its appearance.

To truly get the best lumber to use to build a tree house in Seattle, you need to buy it from the right store. At Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co., we have a vast lumberyard filled with an ever-changing selection of wood. Stop by today to get started with your tree house construction project.

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