Things You Always Want to Hire a Professional for and Why

Many Seattle homeowners like to try their hand at DIY projects. Not only are they fun to work on and complete, they come with cost savings and a sense of pride and accomplishment as a homeowner. That said, not all DIY projects are a good idea. There are some that should always be done by a professional, no matter how confident you might be.

Professional technicians, contractors and other experts have a lot of experience and specialized training that is very important when it comes to ensuring the success and safety of certain projects. Attempting to tackle particularly complex or challenging projects on your own might leave you with end results you’re unhappy with or that put your safety in jeopardy.

With that in mind, here are some of the things you always want to hire a professional for and why choosing a pro is always worth the expense.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming promotes healthy tree growth and prevents branches from falling during stormy weather in the fall, winter and spring. Many homeowners attempt to trim trees on their own to avoid the expense of hiring a professional, but end up putting themselves and their property in harm’s way. Only trained professionals should be up on a ladder using power tools to hack off weighty branches! One wrong move and you could harm yourself, your tree, your home or anything else in the immediate area.

Electrical work

Electrical work is very dangerous, and DIY electrical projects often lead to hazards. In addition, DIY electrical work is more likely to result in electrical problems for devices and appliances, and even increase the risk of fire. Improper work may even make it harder to get your home insured or to sell it in the future if your work isn’t up to code. Even experienced DIYers should always leave electrical work to a professional electrician.

Roof repairs

Roof repairs are very important for the protection of your home—and it’s important to get them done the right way. Attempting roof work is very dangerous for people who aren’t trained in roofing and don’t have access to professional tools and equipment. Professional roofers know how to safely and effectively navigate the slope of a roof and what to do to prevent damage while they’re up there.


Plumbing work is a lot more complicated than many people realize. While some basic plumbing repairs like drain cleaning can be done without professional help, complicated projects should always be done by professionally trained and experienced plumbers. Professionals will take into account things like pressure, air gaps, routing and more that everyday DIYers simply don’t know about.

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