Tips for Painting the Exterior of Your Home

The biggest downside of owning a home with wood siding is the fact that it has to be painted or stained every few years. There are many folks who’d much rather pay a house painter to tackle the job, but there are those who enjoy the challenge of doing it themselves. Follow these tips if you’re in the latter category and are thinking about painting your house yourself!

Consider the weather

Mother Nature is a big factor when it comes to painting outside. Look at the weather forecast before you start painting to ensure that you’ll have a few dry days with relatively low humidity. Adverse weather conditions (like rain) can ruin your paint job and leave your home looking shoddy. Additionally, painting on a sunny day will help ensure that your paint dries more quickly.

Quality over price

Paint technology has improved dramatically in recent years. New paints are guaranteed to retain their color for longer and hold up better in extreme weather. Though these types of paint are more expensive, they’re worth paying a little extra for. More expensive paint will look better and last longer, so you won’t have to paint your home as often. Stop by today to browse our vast selection of high-quality and affordable paint!

Prep before you paint

It’d be easy to take your paint and your paintbrush and just start painting, but that’s not such a great idea if you’re looking to achieve lasting results. Paint doesn’t adhere to rough surfaces and will just flake away if the siding isn’t properly prepped. Sand and wash your siding to smooth any rough surfaces and remove all of your old paint.

Remove rotten siding

Paint doesn’t adhere to rough surfaces, nor does it stick to rotten siding. If your wood siding is starting to rot, you’ll need to replace it or have it repaired. Painting over it is just a waste of your time.

Use primer

Paint companies have begun combining paint and primer into one product, which certainly cuts down on the time it takes to complete your project. However, you may want to consider still using primer. Adding a nice coat of primer before you paint will take a bit longer, but it’ll ensure your paint looks great for years to come.

Combine cans of paint

Instead of working with one can of paint at a time, do what the pros do and combine a bunch of cans into one giant bucket. Combining all of your cans will guarantee a uniform look across the whole exterior of your home.

Paint from top to bottom

Starting near the roof and working your way to the foundation of your home is the best way to go about your project. This method helps avoid streaks and will allow you to better control any paint drips.

Before you get started on the project, be sure to stop by our paint store in Seattle! From start to finish, Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. has everything you need to get the job done right.

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