Tips for Protecting Your Home from Wildfires in Seattle

Over the last few years, wildfires have become a more significant concern across the country, even in places that haven’t historically been impacted by this particular type of natural disaster. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have dealt with huge wildfires that have threatened homes and businesses and caused serious problems for property owners and the larger environment. Fortunately, if you want to feel confident that your property is protected against fire, there are several things you can do to lower your risk of suffering serious damage to your property. Read on to find out more about protecting your home from wildfires in Seattle:

  • Evaluate your risk: To effectively guard your home against the risk of fire, you need to start by evaluating your existing level of risk. Consider the various hazards that might be present on your property, including a tree line that’s close to your home, dry brush that’s piled up in your yard and the proximity of your home to neighboring houses. Any trees or homes within 100 feet of your own can pose a threat in the event that they catch fire, so make sure to keep this distance in mind when you’re evaluating your property.
  • Get your lawn in order: An overgrown lawn can quickly become fast fuel for a forest fire. Make sure you keep your lawn cut, tend to garden beds, invest in tree pruning and consider removing trees or landscaping features that pose a particular fire risk to your home. Stock up on lawn and garden tools that you can use to keep up with ongoing maintenance and yard work.
  • Seal your home: To prevent your home from succumbing to a damaging fire, you need to make sure that you keep embers out. Embers can travel many miles by air during a blaze, and just a few can be enough to cause a home to catch fire. If there’s a known fire in your area, make sure that any vents or chimneys are properly sealed, and keep all doors and windows closed to prevent embers from getting in.
  • Consider flame-resistant upgrades: If you live in an area with a significant wildfire risk, it’s worth it to consider more extensive fireproofing measures. Fire-resistant roofing materials can significantly reduce your risk. If you have a highly-flammable roof, made from wood, consider a flame-resistant alternative like asphalt shingles or metal roofing tiles.

Protecting your home from wildfires in Seattle

At Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co., we know how important it is to take the proper protective measures to safeguard your home against the threat of wildfire. We have an extensive selection of hardware products and tools that you can use to ensure that your home is well protected. Regardless of what particular type of project you’re taking on, our team is here to help you find everything that you need. Stop by our store today to check out everything we carry and to stock up on the items and materials you’re looking for. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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