Tips for Staining a Deck in a Rainy Climate

Whether you’ve just built a new deck or your deck is a few years old, a fresh stain can do wonders for its appearance, durability and longevity. While deck staining is designed to protect your lumber in Seattle, WA, the truth is that, for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, it can be a challenge to find a deck stain that can hold up to the notoriously rainy weather. In order to ensure a successful stain that stands up to whatever the forecast has in store, it’s important that you know a little bit more about special considerations for staining in rainy climates.

Choose a stain

The key to choosing the right stain is to understand the factors that will affect its performance. A deck in New Mexico will be exposed to vastly different circumstances than a deck in Seattle. The fact that decks in Seattle are exposed to so much more rain and humidity means that you will have to take more steps to avoid mildew growth. In Seattle, stains with strong mildew resistance are a must.

Another thing you should think about is sun exposure. The good news is that you have a little more leeway when it comes to pigment thanks to the frequently cloudy weather in Seattle. In general, the more pigment a stain has, the more effective it will be at protecting your deck from UV rays. In very sunny areas, it’s important to get a highly pigmented stain that will offer as much sun protection as possible. However, because our region simply doesn’t get as much sun over the course of the year, you can select a stain that’s a little less pigmented.

Plan your staining project

When it actually comes time to stain your deck, you will need to carefully consider the forecast. You can’t stain a wet deck, and you also shouldn’t stain your deck just before it rains, so you will need to find a good window of time when your deck is dry and your new stain will have enough time to set. You should pressure wash your deck or wash it thoroughly with a lumber cleaning product a couple of days before staining it to ensure a clean, even coat. Take a look at the forecast and make sure your deck has at least 24 hours to dry out before the stain is applied, as well as 24 hours to dry afterwards.

Find quality lumber in Seattle, WA

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