Why You Should Never Cut Keys on Your Own

There are plenty of those self-serve key cutting kiosks at grocery stores, hardware stores and elsewhere. While this is an easy and convenient way of making spare keys for your home or car, they come at a cost.

Key cutting is more difficult than it would appear. It requires specific tools, knowledge and expertise. DIY key cutting has a surprisingly high failure rate.

Let’s look at why it’s a wise idea to hire a key cutting service.

Reasons to have your keys cut

It’s all too easy to lose your keys to your home or car, so it’s a good idea to have a spare around. You may also lend these spares to friends or family to check on the home when you’re away or to help take care of a pet. No matter the reason you have for getting spare keys, the fact is that this is far easier and cheaper than having the lock replaced if you lose your key.

You may also be interested in key cutting to help preserve the original key. Repeated use of the original will result in wear and tear, so using a copy of that key for everyday use can help preserve it.

Important key cutting considerations

While this might seem like a straightforward process, there are some things you should do before having your keys cut:

  • Use the original key if possible: When you use a spare instead, you have a much higher chance of failure.
  • Use the correct blank: This is necessary for the key to function properly. If you’re choosing the blank on your own, be sure that you’ve picked the right one.
  • Know the type of key: There are two primary types of keys: regular and high security. High-security keys used for commercial spaces and warehouses will not be as easy to copy as a standard key.

Why you should hire a key cutting service

Copying a key on your own will save you money, but if you want quality, reliable keys, then it’s better to turn to a professional in key cutting. A locksmith or other professional will be able to:

  • Work faster: They have the experience and know-how to get the job done quickly.
  • Provide quality work: The professionals have a much lower error rate. You’re guaranteed to get a key that works. They’ll know how to handle any key cutting situation, such as if the original is worn down. They’ll select the right blank and will know how the lock and the key operate together.
  • Better than just a machine: Even a DIY key cutting machine can produce errors. A professional will know right away if the key isn’t right or the machine is out of alignment.

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