10 Steps to Gorgeous Cedar Garden Beds in Seattle, WA

Would you like to create beautiful cedar garden beds in Seattle, WA? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to enjoy these gardens but thought they would be too difficult to construct. Maybe you simply never knew about this gardening option.

These raised beds are a great option for those who want to garden but do not have tons of land on which to do so. With this style of cedar garden beds in Seattle, WA, you can construct a garden nearly anywhere. Here’s how.

What You’ll Need

Cedar garden beds in Seattle, WA can be constructed in a variety of sizes. For our example, we’ll create a bed that is eight feet long. For this project, you would need:

  • four 8’ 2x6s
  • two 8’ 2x6s cut in half
  • one 6’ 4×4 cut into four 16” posts
  • landscape fabric designed to prevent weeds
  • 32 3” screws
  • 32 cubic feet of soil, compost or topsoil planting mix

What You’ll Do

  1. Prep: To prepare your area for a cedar garden bed in Seattle, WA, remove any grass and weeds currently growing in the space.
  2. Outline: Create an outline of your garden bed on the ground using string or chalk.
  3. Dig: You’ll need to bury the board about halfway. Dig along the outline of your garden bed using vertical slices to create a trench to bury the board.
  4. Suppress: To suppress weed growth in your cedar garden bed in Seattle, WA, place a layer of weed-suppressing fabric over the entire outline of the bed, extending slightly beyond the edges.
  5. Build: Place one four-foot 2×6 on the ground, thin edge down. Set one 16” post at the end. Secure this post with screws. Repeat this process at the opposite end and again with the short board.
  6. Complete: To join the bed sides, connect the short sides with an eight-foot board. Secure with screws. After both long sides are attached, add a second layer of 2x6s.
  7. Place: Once constructed, place the bed into the outlined area created previously.
  8. Fill: Now that your garden bed is in place, fill it with your chosen soil.
  9. Plant: What do you want to grow in your cedar garden bed in Seattle, WA? Your choice of blooms, fruits or vegetables should guide your selection of soil or compost to fill the bed. Once properly prepped, plant your desired seeds, seedlings or plants.
  10. Enjoy: With a few supplies and simple construction, you can now enjoy your cedar garden bed in Seattle, WA. It’s that easy!

Discover More

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