What Types of Outdoor Power Equipment Are Most Helpful?

Outdoor projects can be a great way to soak up some fresh air and get your heart pumping, but if you’re working with the wrong tools, they can also be a headache. Even if you have the right tools for the job, it can still be a nuisance if they don’t work properly because they’re way past their prime.

Before you tackle your next outdoor task, you should do a quick inventory on your outdoor power equipment in Seattle, WA. Read on to see the main power equipment you’ll need to keep your home and garden looking fabulous all year long:

  • Lawn mowers: Cutting your lawn is the bare minimum in outdoor work you’ll need to do to keep yourself (and your neighbors) happy about your home’s exterior, even if you have a fairly small lot. And right now might be the perfect time for an upgrade in your mower so you can have the perfect one on hand before the biggest growing season of the year.
  • Blowers: Very few people can honestly say they love cleaning up leaves, spending hours hunched over a simple rake and seemingly passing it over the same spot for 30 minutes. A blower makes cleanup simple and quick, whether it’s those fall leaves or grass cuttings or the mulch that got away.
  • Chainsaws: You might not think you need a chainsaw in your home, but they really come in handy when you have projects outdoors like cutting firewood, cleaning up after a large storm, breaking down larger pieces of wood and pruning trees. You can find a smaller chainsaw that can handle basic lawn maintenance or get something bigger if you know you’ll need to do a lot of wood cutting.
  • Weed eaters: You might think you’re all set with a solid lawn mower, but having a weed eater will simplify your lawn care by allowing you to trim around edges with some power, rather than by hand with shears.
  • Trimmers and edgers: Edgers are probably the simplest of the tools listed here, but they play an important role in making your outdoor spaces feel neat. The long handle allows you to edge your lawn around driveways, walkways and patios without staying on your hands and knees for hours. If you appreciate clean lines and straight edges, you’ll definitely want to pick one of these up.

There’s more you can buy in terms of outdoor power equipment in Seattle, WA, but these five main categories of item are all key for different reasons. If you are in the market for outdoor equipment, look no further than Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co., a family-owned hardware store that has provided exceptional service and products to customers since 1926.

Steward Lumber & Hardware Co. has a warehouse packed with everything you need to make your lawn the best on the block. On top of outdoor equipment, you can also find anything you might need for a building project, regardless of its size or scope. Stop by today to learn more or speak with one of our experts!

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