Five Benefits of Using Cedar Lumber in Seattle to Build Your Garden Boxes This Spring

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned home gardener, everyone can agree that raised wooden garden beds and patio planter boxes are a must. And if you build them this spring, rest assured you can utilize them for both summer and winter gardening. One of the best things about wooden beds and boxes is that they are fairly easy to build yourself—that is, if you choose the right type of wood and hardware for outside use. Additionally, well-built garden boxes have the potential to hold up in all sorts of weather conditions and environments, as well as last for many years.

Here are five benefits of using cedar lumber in Seattle to build your garden boxes this spring:

  • Cedar adds curb appeal: Cedar is attractive as a tree and as project lumber. Depending on the type of cedar you choose, the wood color can range between white, red, reddish brown, pink and other variations. Placing handmade cedar planter boxes up front in plain view—like under the front porch, lining the walkway or incorporated into ground planted landscape—can boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Cedar is flexible and durable: Although cedar is a softwood lumber, it is very durable thanks to its unique cell structure. It’s also lightweight, which means handling and form manipulation is possible with quality wood boards. And you don’t need to be afraid of cedar splitting when you curve it into a different shape, because cedar is a type of wood that’s flexible.
  • Cedar has a nice aroma: When it comes to scent, cedar takes the cake for being one of the most distinctive and pleasant smelling woods. Its aroma is due to naturally occurring organic compounds that form in the wood, which stay with it even after the tree is cut down. And when cedar boards have not been enhanced with artificial scents or chemical treatments, you’ll find yourself placing movable planter boxes close to windows and exterior doors.
  • Cedar repels insects: While humans enjoy the aroma of cedar, bugs and insects do not. This is why it’s recommended that you use cedar hanging blocks in your closets to keep insects from destroying your clothes. Since the cedar scent is offensive to insects, the plants in your raised garden should be safe from an attack and your cedar boxes protected from termites.
  • Cedar is resistant to rot: Cedar wood is resistant to rot and decay, because its unique cell structure also makes it highly resistant to water penetration. You can set this wood on the dirt and it won’t rot or fall apart! This characteristic is what draws the attention of gardeners. They can take advantage of using cedar lumber to hold soil, fertilizers, plants and the water that keeps the plants alive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building garden boxes for growing vegetables, flowers or other plants. Because cedar lumber in Seattle is so well suited for these jobs, both you and your raised garden will benefit right from the start. This spring, visit Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. for all your lumber needs!

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