Exploring Push Mower Options at Your Hardware Store in Seattle

Before you know it, the grass on your lawn will start growing again and you will need a lawn mower that is in good shape and is ready to handle the job. If you know that you will need a new mower for the upcoming season, now is the time to start exploring the available push mower options at your local hardware store in Seattle:

  • Reel mowers: This type of manual lawn mower is a great choice for those who have very small yards to cut. The reel of the mower pushes against a fixed blade to cut the lawn in a scissor-like motion. It will take you longer to cut your lawn using a reel mower, but if you are looking to be more environmentally conscious, this is one of the better options, as these types of mowers don’t use any gas or electricity during operation. Reel mowers offer a very clean and precise cut, and if you only have a small amount of grass to cut, this is one of the best, most cost-effective options available.
  • Electric push mowers: There are two different types of electric push mowers that work well with lawns that are 1/3 acre or less. Corded push mowers operate when plugged into an electrical source, which is typically facilitated with the use of an extension cord made for outdoor use. These types of mowers are efficient when used in simple yards and produce fewer emissions than gas mowers, but they are often unwieldy and hard to use because of the presence of the power cord. For those who have complex lawns but still want the efficient feel of an electric mower without the restrictions the cord might present, many turn to cordless electric mowers that are battery operated. Cordless mowers feature rechargeable batteries that allow the mower to have the additional mobility that isn’t inherently available with its corded counterparts. The run time is ultimately determined by the battery life, so this mower too is best when used with smaller yards of 1/3 acre or less.
  • Gas mowers: Gas mowers operate in the same way that electric mowers do, but instead of a switch to start the mower, a manual pull crank function is commonly used. You will never have to worry about any cords or battery charging, but you will have to purchase the correct fuel type to keep the mower filled to the appropriate level for optimal use. Their ease of use does make them more accessible for slightly larger yards than an electric mower, and they can be used well with lawns up to 1/2 acre in size.

There are also self-propelled mowers that feature front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive that allow for more nuanced movement, and the type of mower you choose will ultimately come down to how small or large your lawn is and how much maneuvering around hilly terrain and landscaping you will have to do. For help going through the many lawn mower options available, consult with the staff at Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. No matter what size your yard is, we have the tools you need to make sure that your yard is one of the best on the block. Pay our lawn and garden center a visit today to check out our stock!

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