Five Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Walk into any good hardware store in Seattle and you’ll see a vast array of tools and supplies to keep your home or business in excellent shape. On the one hand, having so much selection is great. On the other hand, for the novice handyman, it can be overwhelming.

If you aspire to one day create a gorgeous china cabinet but mostly need to keep your house in working order for now, there are a few items you absolutely need to have in your toolbox. If you’re unsure about anything you need, or you’re on the fence about which brand to choose, rely on the knowledge of your hardware store’s staff.

  1. A toolbox: This one is pretty obvious, but it needs to be mentioned. If you’re going to start acquiring basic household tools, you need somewhere to put them. Grab a toolbox from your local hardware store in Seattle and give it a permanent home, so you always know where to find it.
  2. A screwdriver: Actually, it’s good to have a couple of different types of screwdrivers, since screws will have different ‘heads,’ depending on their use. The Philips screwdriver, perhaps the most popular kind of screwdriver, has a cross in the center, and the lines do not extend to the edges. A slotted screwdriver has a flat blade that fits into a screw that has a straight line going from one side of its head to the other. There are many, many types and sizes of screws and screwdrivers. It’s probably easiest to buy a screwdriver set, just so you’re prepared for any situation.
  3. A hammer: Hammers are an indispensable household tool, and like screws, they also come in many shapes and sizes. Some have wooden handles, others, rubber; some have weighted heads, others do not. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your hammer has a good, sturdy handle and is well made.
  4. A wrench: Not everything can be pried up, screwed out or punched through—some things need to be carefully twisted tighter or looser. This where a wrench comes in. Having a monkey wrench laying around in your toolbox will help you in the face of numerous projects, including those pesky plumbing ones!
  5. Nails and screws: Aside from a few other basic components, such as concrete, brick, or siding, most of your house is held together with nails. There are countless sizes, finishes, and types of nails, so don’t hesitate to ask someone at the store for help if you’re unsure about what kind to purchase.  For starters, it’s probably a good idea to have a selection of basic framing nails – which can be useful if you have a loose floorboard, or need to reinforce a wall, for example.

With just a few basic hand tools, you can keep your house in great shape. So head to your favorite hardware store in Seattle to get started!

Remember that it’s important not to skimp on the quality of your tools. You don’t need to buy the most expensive brand in the store, but if you want a tool to last, it’s worth an investment up front. A reputable hardware store in Seattle will only carry good tools, so you shouldn’t have to worry about quality if you choose your hardware store wisely.

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