Essential Extras for Your Toolbox

You’ve paid a visit to your favorite hardware store in Seattle to get hammer, nails, screwdrivers, and other basic tools, and you’re excited to start your first DIY home project. But before you dive in, stop and think for a minute about what you might be missing.  Yes, you have the heavy hitters, but what about the support team? Take a look at the list below and pick up anything you’re missing, and your first home improvement endeavor is sure to be a success.

  • A measuring tape: This little item will come in handy for projects big and small. Whether you’re checking to see if your picture frames are the same distance apart, or you need to get the dimensions of a window casing or doorframe, a measuring tape is your best friend. Choose a 35-foot measuring tape if you want to use it for longer and wider areas.
  • A flashlight: When it’s time to get under the sink to check out a clogged pipe, you’ll thank yourself for purchasing a flashlight. Choose one with long battery life, since you’ll probably have to leave it on for long stretches while you work, and make sure that it can stand up to some abuse – such as getting knocked over, dropped, or kicked.
  • A stud finder: Studs are the foundation of your home, and you’ll rely on them for many of your future projects. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a room and spot the stud, since it’s hidden behind many layers of paint and drywall. That’s where a stud finder is useful. Just turn it on, run it over your wall, and listen for the beep when it detects a stud. One day you may have enough experience to pound on a wall with your fist and locate a stud on your own, but until then (and maybe even after), a stud finder is a great tool to have on hand.
  • Gorilla tape: There are some issues that cannot be resolved with nails, and that’s where Gorilla tape comes into play. It is incredibly sticky, so it will adhere to just about any surface around your home. It also has an impressively thick backing that is both sturdy when in use, and easy to rip to the correct length beforehand. Have a broken bucket? Try Gorilla tape. Need to repair your favorite tarp? Apply Gorilla tape. Enough said.
  • A multitool: When you need your tools close by, but can’t carry a heavy toolbox, the multitool is there for you. This handy item combines many of your favorite pieces, including screwdrivers, pliers and knives, all available in the size of a pocketknife. Find a variety of these to choose from at a good local hardware store in Seattle. Now you can take out that screw or cut that bad piece of wiring out without running back to your toolbox every five minutes.

What essential extras do you keep in your toolbox? If you need help selecting tools for your next home project, come visit Stewart Lumber & Hardware Company. Our experienced staff will set you on the road to success!

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