Fun DIY Crafts You Can Do at Home with the Family

Whether you are stuck at home with the kids over a long weekend or during summer vacation—or, as is the case right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic—sometimes there is just nothing fun to do. You might be tired after a long work week or have run out of creative home activity ideas. The good news is that young children are pretty easy to entertain. True, it can be hard to get them started on something interesting—like watching a cartoon or playing with kinetic sand—but once they become captivated, they’ll be hooked for a bit. However, with proper planning, you can sit the family down for an afternoon of wood and paint crafts.

Happy kids, happy spouse, happy house! Here’s some information to help you bond with your family over DIY crafting in Seattle.

Things to consider before you start

The weather may have an impact on whether you set up the crafting area inside or outside. Excessively hot or cold temperatures will keep you indoors, which means choosing the type of crafts for your family wisely. For example, cutting wood is a messy process, and ventilation is needed when using certain paints. Another thing to consider is the length of time it’ll take to complete a particular project. If you want all crafting to be done by the end of the weekend, pick projects with few steps involved.

Make a list of options

Ask your kids what kinds of crafting they want to take part in. Answers will vary based on age and personal preference. In general, the most common kid-approved home crafts involve paint, glue, paper products and glitter. Okay—you can work with that! No matter the craft, an adult will have to be present.

Popular family-friendly DIY craft ideas

Some family crafting projects stand out from the rest. Not all projects will be a complete success—and that’s okay. Let’s take a look at some fun DIY crafts you can do at home with the whole family:

  • Birdhouse: Wooden birdhouses involve simple construction. You can use a variety of lumber, as long as it’s not treated wood. Children will enjoy decorating the outside of the house.
  • Step stool: Every household can use a step stool or two. To make a simple stool at home, all you need is wood, a saw and screws.
    Wooden toys: Kids will need help from adults to make wooden toys. The easiest toys to create at home are building blocks. Cut and sand pieces, then let the kids paint them.
  • Paint the fence: Weather permitting, head outside with a wood-friendly paint and color the inside-facing side of your backyard fence.
  • Decorate pots: Another paint-related craft is painting terra cotta plant pots. Once dry, use the pots for indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Make a chalkboard: Apply chalkboard paint to a flat surface, like a closet door, plywood board or old coffee table. Now your kids have a place to draw and write in chalk.

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