Fun Home Projects You Can Tackle During the Quarantine

Just a month or so ago, people across the United States were going out on weekends for nights out on the town and could drive to any store at any time for necessities. That was before the COVID-19 outbreak. While many businesses received orders to close in response to COVID-19, home improvement stores in Seattle did not get shut down. Instead, we are considered essential businesses. As such, Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. will remain open so you can start or complete home projects during self-isolation.

In this time of uncertainty, you may need an activity to keep your mind off things and your eyes and ears away from news stories about the pandemic. Any one of the following home projects can help you and members of your household stay positive and smiling:

  • Bookshelves: Every house can use shelving. Bookcases go great in any room of the house, while floating shelves break up the plainness of garage and laundry room walls. Choose from building materials like wood, metal and glass or a combination of all three. Wood shelves can be cut and/or painted to match the aesthetics of a room. Built right, your home crafted bookshelves will be pretty and functional.
  • Coffee tables: Coffee tables and side tables not only make a living room more functional, they’re also the kind of furniture that can bring a space together. If you’re in need of a new coffee table right now, building your own might be your only option due to the shelter-in-place order. Furniture shops are likely closed, but not home improvement stores, where you can pick up all your table-making supplies.
  • Outdoor benches: Spring is here, and you can bet that warm, sunny days are a welcome sight during COVID-19. You and your family probably want to get out of the house, but you currently can’t go into public spaces. This is where your outdoor living space comes into play. You can create more outdoor sitting areas by nailing or screwing together outdoor wooden benches. The best part? They can be moved around to wherever in the yard you want to be.
  • Patio chairs: Individual patio chairs are an alternative to long outdoor benches. Let everyone in the family design and personalize their own!
  • Garden beds: Building garden beds to grow vegetables or flowers is a project the entire family can enjoy—especially since everyone will benefit from the edible bounty. Build simple wooden garden boxes, or design more complex containers made of wood and corrugated metal sheeting (if you have the tools to cut through metal). Always use wood that has not been treated with chemicals.

Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. in Seattle has everything to help you with your next home project. Lumber, paint, hardware, ideas and suggestions—we have it all. In response to COVID-19, our hours and days of operation have changed. We still offer delivery, but until further notice, you can also order ahead for curbside pickup. Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information!

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