Seven Reasons to Shop at a Paint Store in Seattle, WA Before Your Next Project

Painting projects on the inside and outside of your home are among the most important things you’ll do during a remodel or home construction. After all, the color of the walls is the first thing people will notice upon walking into a room or when they see your home from the street. Luckily a paint store in Seattle, WA can help you throughout the whole painting process:

  • A paint store has hundreds of paint swatches: The expansive number of hues for each color of the rainbow is almost com To the untrained eye, “ivory white” and “snow white” look almost identical. However, brands at a paint store in Seattle, WA may convince you otherwise once you compare the paint swatches side by side. There are tiny differences from hue to hue, and you’ll want to make sure you’re picking your favorite variation of a color before you start painting.
  • A paint store can give you samples: Anyone who’s ever painted a room before knows that the lighting in a room can make a shade of paint look drastically different than you were anticipating. That swatch you picked out from the store will probably look quite a bit different once you bring it back home. To make choosing easier, paint stores offer small samples of different colors and hues so you can paint part of a wall to ensure it will look the way you want it to.
  • A paint store can match colors: Do you want the color of a room to complement or match your furniture? We can do that! If you’re touching up the paint in a room, you’ll want to make sure the new paint will match the old paint. Bring in any color and our staff can expertly match it for you.
  • A paint store can mix colors: Do you think two (or more) colors blended together would look really good? We can do that, too! Let us know which colors you’d like to combine and let our staff mix the colors together to produce the perfect result.
  • A paint store has the best paint: A lot of big box stores carry paint, but sometimes those stores don’t carry all of the best brands. When you buy paint from a paint store, you’ll know you’re buying the top brands that’ll ensure even coats and brilliant colors.
  • A paint store has all types of paint: In addition to an array of colors, a paint store carries indoor and outdoor paints in all different sheens. We know that indoor paint can’t be used for outdoor projects. Outdoor paint has to be resistant to moisture and resilient in the face of adverse weather!
  • A paint store has all of the tools you need for the job: Painting projects require more than just a can of paint and a brush. Among other tools, you’ll probably need sandpaper and paint removal supplies, as well as rollers and painter’s tape. A paint store in Seattle, WA is your one-stop shop for all of those materials.

Don’t run from store to store buying products for your next painting project. Stop by Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. and pick up everything you’ll need!

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