Simple Remodeling Ideas That Can Be Accomplished by Visiting Local Home Improvement Stores in Seattle

Hiring a contractor to remodel and upgrade your home can sometimes be difficult and expensive. There are projects that you can complete on your own, though, that can greatly improve your home’s aesthetic. Here are some ideas that can easily be accomplished with a few tools and affordable materials from your local home improvement stores in Seattle:

  • Framed mirrors on flat doors: If you want to be able to get more from your standard flat doors, you can create an elegant look with just a few pieces of lumber. Start by placing a simple rectangular mirror in the center of the door, and then enclose the frame with pieces of wood that have been sized to match the length of the mirror. You can paint the pieces of wood to match the color of your door, and a basic mirror adhesive can be used to attach the pieces. Mirrors always do a good job of making a room look larger, and this simple project can give any room an expensive boutique-style feel for cheap.
  • Paint your ceilings: Painting the ceiling of a room with a color that matches the décor in the space can completely transform the room’s entire look, making it pop like never before. Because of the inherently unique design style, you could really pick just about any color you want, and selecting contrasting colors instead of something that is a perfect match can spice up any room in your home.
  • Add wood paneling to a wall: Instead of adding a new coat of paint to a wall, why not use lumber to create a completely different visual in a room. If you enjoy the rustic, outdoorsy type of look, you can add lumber panels to the wall in an entryway, stairway hall or in the bathroom. You can even take it a step further and add spotlights or recessed lighting around the wall to highlight the textured design.
  • Painting sinks and bathtubs: Over time, bathroom sinks and bathtubs lose their shine and begin to look dated. Instead of buying costly new fixtures, try painting these items so they can look brand new once again, and bring an updated feel to an old room. The right epoxy paint will also do an excellent job of covering up any blemishes, and bypassing the installation of a new sink or tub will ultimately save you a ton of money.

These projects that you can complete in your spare time are simple, but can result in powerful and drastic changes in your home. If you are looking for one place that offers everything you need to pull off some of these remodeling ideas, contact Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. In business for nearly 100 years, you can trust our experienced staff to make sure you have everything you need for your next project, no matter what it might be. When you’re in need of visiting one of the leading home improvement stores in Seattle, come see us today!

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