Visit the Lumber Yard in Seattle Before Building Your Garden Boxes

No matter the space you have available, you can enjoy flowers or vegetables by building a raised garden bed. Using supplies that you can find at your local lumber yard in Seattle, you can have your own garden in no time. Not only will this provide the perfect space for your vegetables or flowers, but the raised garden bed will also protect against pests and provide you with the right amount of drainage to help your crops grow.

Getting started with your raised garden bed

The first step in starting your raised garden bed is deciding where you will place the bed and how large it will be. Set up a plan to figure out the right amount of space you will need to build your bed. You will then need to gather all the supplies required for building the space. A trip to the lumber yard in Seattle will help you get everything necessary for constructing your raised garden bed.

In terms of lumber supplies, you will need wood pieces the length and width of your garden bed. Also be sure to get a post that you can use for the corners. When you select the wood you will be using, consider going with cedar, as this will be able to withstand the elements since it is a hard wood. It is also a natural insect repellant, which will help your plants in the long run. Cedar can also take painting if you decide to decorate your raised bed, or you can leave it natural and watch it age.

Other potentially useful supplies that you may have on hand or will need to purchase include a tape measure, drill with bits, saw, work gloves, shovel, hoe, level, utility knife and wheelbarrow. Don’t forget to pick up landscape fabric and extra soil from the lumber yard in Seattle. Finally, you should also, of course, purchase the flowers or vegetables that you intend to plant.

Constructing your raised garden bed

When you are ready, mark where you will be placing your raised bed and dig up the sod that is within this area. Be sure not to disturb the soil too much, as you will need this to plant your flowers or vegetables. Check that the area is level and spread your landscaping fabric over the bare soil. Make sure you have about six inches extra along each side.

Begin to cut your wood to length and screw it together to form your raised bed. Cut the posts to the correct size and screw in the corners for added support. This should help create the shape of your raised garden bed, which should be ready for planting once you trim the landscape fabric and add any extra soil you purchased from your lumber yard in Seattle. Plant your flowers or vegetables as you wish.

With a little bit of time and skill, you will be able to create a raised garden bed that you can enjoy for years to come. A lumber yard in Seattle will have everything you need to get started. Visit Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. for all your building materials, lumber and tools. We have been in business for more than 80 years, and offer competitive prices to DIY homeowners, contractors and remodelers. Whatever you are looking for, Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. will have what you need.

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