Why Should You Get Your Tools Sharpened?


It’s true that most tools don’t require a ton of maintenance to perform their best. However, it’s also true that many tool owners don’t take the best care of their gear. One maintenance item that often goes neglected is blade sharpening. This post will cover why sharpening is so crucial:

  • Cleaner cuts: Blades tend to leave jagged edges through their cut path as they get dull—and as any hobbyist will tell you, a jagged edge is the last thing you want. The only way to get a nice, clean cut is to have your blade sharpened.
  • Increased safety: It might sound a little counterintuitive, but dull blades can actually be more dangerous than sharp ones. This is because dull blades can slip while cutting and slice through the user’s finger or hand. That’s much less likely to happen if the tool is razor sharp.
  • Longer tool lifespan: We see too many folks prematurely replacing their tools because they think their equipment no longer works. In reality, the tools are typically fine besides being a bit dull. Make sure you get the most out of your tools by having them sharpened every once in a while.

How frequently do tools need to be sharpened?

How often you need to bring your gear to a tool sharpening service depends on a few factors, including tool type, frequency of use and tool age. As a general rule, we recommend having your equipment sharpened once a year. Keeping up with your sharpening schedule ensures your blades or tools never get dull and you get the most out of your equipment.

Once a year might not cut it if you use your tools every day, though. Keep an eye on your tools and be sure to bring them to a sharpening specialist as soon as they start to get dull, or if your cuts are less clean.

Why bring your tools to the pros for sharpening?

You don’t need to be a hardcore DIY-er to know how to sharpen your tools, but here are a few reasons we recommend bringing them to a tool sharpening service instead of doing it by yourself:

  • Save your time: Sharpening your own blades doesn’t take long, but you certainly have better things to do than sharpen tools. Save yourself a big hassle and bring your tools to a professional.
  • Guaranteed results: If you want the sharpest tools possible, be sure to bring your tools to a professional for sharpening. Pros have the best equipment to return your tools to tip-top shape.
  • Expert advice: If you need to get some advice on tools or are wondering which tools to use for a project, hardware store employees are standing by to help. They have all the answers to your questions to help ensure a successful project.

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