Why You Should Pay a Pro to Sharpen Your Knives


Is a knife sharpening service really worth the investment? After all, can’t you simply use one of those $9.99 knife sharpening tools and get the same results? Maybe you should just try kitchen knife sharpening yourself.

The truth is, you can try this, but you won’t get the same results you would from a knife sharpening service.

Here are five important reasons why you should leave the knife sharpening to the pros.

It’s all about the angles

Knives feature a specific angle or bevel on their edges. Some styles have a 15-degree bevel, while others have a 20-degree edge. This varies by brand and even within a brand from knife to knife.

When a knife sharpening service sharpens knives, the technician assesses the bevel of each knife and recreates it. If you try to use a one-size-fits-all sharpener, this doesn’t happen. You may end up damaging your knives or creating an edge that is not as effective as it once was.

You want your knives to have long lives

If you’ve invested in a good set of kitchen knives, you want them to last. A professional knife sharpening service will ensure that the sharpening process doesn’t remove any more metal than is necessary to restore the sharpness to the blades. This will extend the life of each knife.

The pros keep it cool

Kitchen knife sharpening can cause the blades to become very hot. If the blade overheats, the metal becomes brittle. It will be more likely to break during future use or washing; however, a professional knife sharpening service uses a whetstone that the technician keeps moist while sharpening your knives. This prevents the blades from getting too hot, so they stay both sharp and strong.

Guarantees are nice

Many knife sharpening services offer guarantees. With these guarantees, you can rest assured that your blades will return to you sharp and in great condition. If not, you may receive a refund or a replacement knife. If you try kitchen knife sharpening yourself, you won’t have these same guarantees. Why put that pressure on yourself? Hand your knives over to a pro for expert sharpening you can count on to deliver great results.

Safety is a priority

Three hundred and fifty thousand people suffer kitchen knife injuries each year. The fact is, these tools can cause serious harm if not handled appropriately. Considering the potential for injury, perhaps it is best to leave sharpening to the pros. If you’re not familiar with sharpening techniques or do not have the right tools for this task, you may end up with serious wounds. Why risk it? Simply let a knife sharpening service expertly and efficiently sharpen your knives for you.

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