Four Basic Landscaping Tools in Seattle That Every Home and Garden DIY-er Will Need

Spring is on the horizon, and along with the change in season comes the opportunity to highlight the beauty of your home’s exterior. If you are interested in doing some of your own upkeep this year, here are a few of the basic landscaping tools in Seattle that you will need to get started on your first project:

  • Shears: Depending on what type of trimming you will be doing, there are several different types of shears available to choose from. If you are focusing on your rose bushes, you will want to grab a pair of bypass shears, whereas a set of hedge shears is the best choice for boxwood bushes. Although you might be tempted to use traditional scissors, shears tend to be larger and are tailor made for use in your yard. This means that they will allow you to achieve a much more precise cut, and the blades will be much more durable and readily able to withstand repeated use in your yard.
  • Rakes: There are numerous types of rakes that can serve many different functions to help you keep the landscaping in your yard in top shape. If you are looking to move and separate dirt or mulch in a particular area, the metal-toothed landscaping rake will serve your purposes perfectly. If you want to gather all of the leaves that are scattered on your lawn, a simple plastic leaf rake will be enough to get the job done. Rock rakes are also available if you want to remove old rocks from a landscaping bed to replace them with new ones, or to simply smooth out material.
  • Shovels: There are many different shovels that can be used, and the application will often determine which one you select. For example, if you are moving large loads of soil or wood chips to an area that you are landscaping, a square mouth shovel will help facilitate this movement. On the other hand, if you are concentrating on digging, a round mouth shovel with a pointed blade that can penetrate different types of terrain to dig a hole would be best.
  • Post-hole diggers: Post-hole diggers differ from a standard spade or shovel because they feature smaller, curved blades that can be used to dig perfectly cylindrical holes. These tools is particularly helpful if you are looking to add a fence in your backyard and need evenly spaced holes with specific measurements to house the fence’s posts. These types of diggers also feature individual handles attached to each blade, giving you additional control for each hole that you dig.

If you are ready to started in your lawn, head down to Stewart Lumber & Hardware Co. With a robust lawn and garden section that includes power equipment, pest control products and a vast selection of landscaping tools in Seattle, we definitely have everything you need to make your home’s exterior stand out. Make sure you pay us a visit and speak with our staff about how you can get started on your project today!

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