How to Select the Right Color at a Paint Store in Seattle

Exposure to different colors can have an effect on your temperament, and a paint color selection can either lift your spirits every time you walk into a room, or it can bring your mood down right away. This means that your color selection when painting a room is very important, and these tips might help you make the best choice the next time you are browsing at a paint store in Seattle.

Select a color that highlights the atmosphere

No matter which room in your home you are painting, the right color selection can play a part in determining the room’s primary uses. For example, if you are painting a room that will be used for entertaining and socializing, you might want to go with warm, bright colors that nurture friendliness and happiness. If you are painting a child’s room, your goal might be to inspire activity and creativity with your color selections, in which case intense and vibrant colors would work best. Children’s rooms are a bit trickier, though, because although you want to stimulate them during the day, you do also want to create a restful environment at night. Try to strike a balance between the two settings instead of committing fully to one or the other. If you are painting a theater room or a bedroom where you want to encourage relaxation, using tamer, darker colors will be the way to go.

The size of the room

Some colors are very attractive in small areas, but when they are expanded and used in larger areas, they sometimes don’t have the same effect. Keep this in mind when selecting a color for a particular room, as one color might be too much if used for an entire room, but might also look great as a part of a polychromatic scheme that balances out different colors on opposing walls. It might be best to use the color in a smaller space altogether, such as a bathroom or hallway wall.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Paint samples that you can bring home are a great way to get an idea of how a color might look in a room, but the benefits of this can be somewhat limited. Don’t be afraid to paint a small area of the wall to see if the color is a good match with everything around it before you make a commitment. Also note that certain colors will appear different when exposed to natural daylight, versus incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Be sure to give your test area a couple of days so you can see all of the color’s characteristics before making your final decision.

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